Saturday, March 10, 2012

Welcome to Otherwise Sports

(NOTE: This blog was tried once before, but I let it slip. I'm trying it again.)

Welcome to Otherwise Sports, a site that will take famous -- and not-so-famous -- moments from sports history, and ask, "What if it had happened otherwise?"

Some of these ideas have been explored elsewhere. Others have not, to my knowledge.

Since I am a baseball fan first and foremost, the majority of these examinations will be about baseball. But I will do them for several sports, and I am open to suggestions from any sport, and welcome contact from readers looking to see their own ideas up here.

A note on abbreviations: On this site, a year or date preceded by the letters "RL" means that something happened in "Real Life," while a year or date preceded by the letters "TTL" means "This TimeLine."

Example: On RL-10/2/1978, Bucky Dent hit a notable home run; on TTL-10/2/1978, Bucky does NOT hit the home run, and the Red Sox... find another way to screw up that Playoff game and the Yankees still win. You get the idea.

At any rate, enjoy the site, and enjoy my original blog, Uncle Mike's Musings, link available on this page.


  1. Or, how about this: What if Pinella misses the ball in the ninth inning when he was directly in the sun? Then the Sox go on to the ALCS, beat KC, and then they beat the Dodgers for the World Title.

  2. What if Sandy Koufax put baseball first?

    What if instead of putting his religion first to celebrate Yom Kippur (not that I have a problem with him doing it) and was available for the 1956 World Series?

    I'd imagine that be a big help to the '56 Dodgers who were at that time starting to get to old like Don Newcombe who started game 7 that year show'd signs that he was over the hill, so maybe Sandy could have made a difference and make the Brooklyn Dodgers not stay in Brooklyn, because Walter O'Malley was moving the team no matter what.

    I know Koufax had an up and down 1956 campaign but what Jackie Robinson had allot of faith in him so maybe Koufax could have played at his best when needed the most, preferably Game 7 of the 1956 World Series.

    So you think Sandy Koufax could have beaten the Yankees if he faced them in 1956?

  3. I have three of ideas that could be of interest:

    What if the ill-starred Seattle Pilots were aborted before they opened the 1969 season? Suppose the American League had decided to reconsider their decision to award an expansion club to Seattle in the wake of Charles Finley’s move of his Kansas City Athletics to Oakland, California for the 1968 season? Would the team have gone somewhere else, like Milwaukee, or for that matter Dallas-Fort Worth, or maybe even Montreal or San Diego?

    Also, what if Peter Ueberroth had stayed on as baseball commissioner past 1989? How might the history of baseball played out if he stayed for another term? If he were commissioner in 1994, would the strike have occurred?

    And one other thing: what about the 1981 season, in which both the St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds failed to qualify for the postseason despite having the best records overall? What if they had gone to the playoffs? For that matter, suppose Montreal did win the 1981 NLCS and gotten to the World Series. How would they have fared against the Yankees?

    Now those are some good ideas to sink your teeth into.